still some things to do

- 1 -
We are very much looking forward to the coming week. It is going to be a big celebration and we are more than happy to share all the experiences and memories with many various people.

...and on

- 2 -

- 2 -
As expected the working atmosphere becomes more busy now. Anyway, with the beautiful atumn sun and chocolate it all goes well and a pleasant anticipation spreads.

The countdown is on

looking forward

- 3 -
What is it about all these white shirts, block of stones, displays and cables?
In less than three days it's all going to be part of the multimedial Installation: Step by step all the details merge to one whole.

Still relaxed


All the single battens and the fabric that have lain around before are joined together to space filling constructions now and the general mood is quite relaxed. The next big step will be the preperation of all the technical equipment. And that's an issue not to be understated in the installation. Nevertheless, the good mood will stay – most certainly!


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