Travelling is over

After our journeys to Hungary, Czechia and Greece we have minds full of memories, bags full of incredible objects and our hard disk full of photos, video and audio recordings. And still, the TURNINGPOINTS project is right in the middle. In October there will be one more workshop week in Germany and then, in November, all the results and experiences of the year's various workshops come together in the multimedial installation. That means, we are facing even more interesting situations and meetings, which is something we are very much looking forward to.
For now, everything that's left to say, is: Enjoy the hot summer!

A successful ending

Until midday and even during the siesta there was a busy working atmosphere – sculptures and films were completed, the final presentation was prepared.
Around 5pm people met in front of the GER-MANI's main building. Workshop participants, the TURNINGPOINTS team, the hosts, neighbours and friends were chatting with eachother and looking forward to the evening.
The final presentation was opened with photos of the previous days, giving an insight into the working process. Afterwards the memory objects that were built in the Experimental Sculpture workshop and the animated short films from the Stop Motion workshop were presented. The sculptures' various details and the inventive ideas of the films attracted cherishing attention.
After the joint dinner we had a lot of fun dancing traditional Greek Circle Dances. We all enjoyed a great last day full of interesting talks, good food and a lively atmosphere.

URLAUBEITEN (holiday+work)

Stop Motion / Animation

By now the greek way of living truely is the custom. Everybody is working in a good temper, as relaxed as ambitious, under the blue sky and a hot sun.
Besides dealing with the personal Turningpoints through different art forms an intercultural exchange just happens: Germans speak some Greek, Greek some German, together they are boating at sea, sitting in front of computers, dancing in circles, watching photos and enjoying delicious greek-german food.

A productive day

The whole day was taken up by an intent and close working atmosphere. In each workshop the participants were tracing forms of expression for their personal stories.
In the shade in front of the tool shed wood was grinded and findings were painted. By the sea a dream came true. And in the old school flames were dancing through the room.
While the end is in sight, the excitement for the final presentations already mixes with a bit of melancholy.


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