Colourful experiences

Karyoupolis second day

The day began with smily faces and first impressions in the three workshops: In an old, little school up on a mountain Chrisuoula made her dancers sweat through greek folklore. Frauke and the participants of the experimental sculpture workshop found inspiration from the uncountable objects in the GER-MANI area. Thanks to patient translating Elisabeth was able to step into the stop-motion world with her greek participants.
In the afternoon all got together inside in a familiar circle, while there was a surprising thunder storm outside. A Tennis ball, photos, puppets, a necklace, a coin and greek-german shoes filled the room with biographic snapshots.

Start of the Workshops in Karyoupolis

Karyoupolis first day

Sun. Cicadas. Olive trees. Indeed, TURNINGPOINTS is in Greece, in the area of GER-MANI.
The project started with a gathering on the terrace. Participants, workshop leaders and ellaH managed first language barriers with humour and curiosity. An insight into the upcoming workshops (experimental sculpture, stop motion, traditional greek dance) was given and the day ended cosily with wine, sea and conversations.

Final presentation in České Budějovice

After three days of intense work on translating the personal turningpoints into individual expressions, the found movements, sounds and sculptures were shared with everybody in the course of a final presentation. As individual as the participants' stories were, as strong and beaming were the results of their work. Put together in a compact form – whether it be a scene or object – every single performance conveyed a special statement.
The scenes that were developed in the “physical expression” workshop originated from movements and sounds associated with the personal stories and were put in relation to a white shirt as connective momentum.
The objects built in the “experimental sculpture” workshop showed every day objects and foundings put together in a context as one complete sculture, standing for itself.
In summary, building personal relationships with eachother has been as big a part of the time in České Budějovice as dealing with art, with the own biography and with language barriers.

Giving the finishing touches

Yesterday evening: an incredible thunderstorm with countless bouncing hailstones concluded the day.
Today the morning atmosphere was accordingly calm, but at the same time full of excitement and uncertain expectations concerning the last working hours in the workshops. The personal memory objects and physical expressions are now completed and given the finishing touches, while beyond the windows the sun holds a conversation with the birds.


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