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ellaH e.V. ist looking for partner organizations and artists. You can download our handout.

Test workshop

In February 2013 a four-day test workshop took place in Halle (Saale). Three artists, working with dance, visual arts and animated film, different people from the region, as well as members of ellaH e.V. made this enriching experience possible. The idea of coping with personal turning points through art was successfully implemented. It brought us new perceptions and encouraged our belief in realizing this great project.

Your own biography as living art

We invite you to engage with your own biography. Through a 4½-day workshop we draw near to exciting, formative or simply to very good moments in life.

The intention of the new project is to explore the multifaceted artistic ways of dealing with biographic processes. During the 4,5 - day workshops, we will concentrate less on learning new artistic skills, but much more try to lend to personal turning points an expressive form through art. Therefore, we appreciate the participants of the workshops as actors, who transform fragments of their biography into aesthetic artefacts, with the help of the workshop directors. Therefore, the workshops are designed to offer enough space and time, to get aquainted with the other actors as well as with the artistic media.
The project TURNING POINTS consists of four different and as such complete workshops, that take place at different times in different countries and each using different artistic approaches towards biographic turning points. Each workshop ends with a retrospective in sito. The developped biographic and aesthetic materials are collected and newly arranged and restaged in the context of a performative installation in autum 2013 in Halle (Saale), Germany.
The fundament for the artistic examination with turning points and processes of transformation in the actor's own lives will be narrative impulses, that are derivative of qualitative social research. On the background of a retrospective de-construction of personal biographic experiences, we want to give impulses for new ways of viewing current biographic processes.

The year 2012 is over

The year 2012 is over. It was full of actions and steps towards WENDEPUNKTE. In the very beginning the project team was built, consisting of an artistic director, a project manager, a project assistant, a dramaturge, an IT-specialist and several members of ellaH e.V.. Over the year the final project concept has been developed, a multimedial communication platform established, partners were contacted and financial solutions were arranged. By now ellaH can look back at a successful year and looks very much forward to realizing the project in 2013.


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