Preperations for the installation

building and rehearsing

Now it's the final spurt: One week left until the opening of the concluding multimedial installation. There is a lot to do and we are more than lucky to be in a team with such active and willing people! During that weekend the banner, dance moves, words, trousers, paint and screws already found their places. But you would not yet be able to guess what it all looks like in the end - be curious!

where it all began

We look back on our final workshop and it only remains for us to say:
Thanks to all workshop participants and heads for this powerful, inspiring and emotional four and a half days.

day in between

Maybe this day did not have enough hours for everyone and everything. People started to hop into the implementation phase. For example, the `small light cinema` was invented, clothes brought to life, camera shots were tested, and the photographers were strolling around the city for hours while searching for special moments. Even shortly after dinner, we could hear the grinding of Elisabeth’s tools downstairs. It was the day in the middle - the day when everyone delved deep into their topics - but the end is still far away.

New beginning!

The final round of the workshops for TURNINGPOINTS in Halle began in bright sunshine in the beautifully renovated rooms of the Protestant Student Community in Halle. We are very fortunate to revive the house as first users with our creative energy and ideas. Elizabeth, Frauke and Markus took the actors in the first two days into the world of animation, sculptural construction and photography. Everywhere people are trying out ideas and arranging materials. . . the first concepts are being developed.


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